We used to see trainers in the gym and thought they kept tabs on the number of reps or to spot a weightlifter.   After getting to know Chris we realize the valuable role he plays in making our time at the gym very productive, to help us with trouble spots, and help us attain our overall fitness goals


And the most valuable aspect of our work-outs with Chris is his ability to keep the work-outs challenging, interesting and fun.  We’ve grown bored with other work out routines in our past but Chris strives to be different.   Neither of us would have guessed we would embrace boxing as one of our favorite work-outs, but 4 years later we own our own boxing gloves.

When Chris opened Truly Fit Studio there wasn’t a question that we would follow him.  Chris is an exceptional trainer.  The older we get the more we value our good health and we rank our fitness dollars as a top priority.  We will do what it takes to continue to look and feel younger than our years, and Chris has made a personal commitment to help us stay Truly Fit.   

Be well ~ Janet Mack Zaloga & Tony Zaloga, Waterchase, Tampa, Florida

October 1, 2012 

When I met Chris Gonzalez at the gym over 4 years ago I was about 25 pounds heavier and wore a size 10/12.  Chris told me I should be a size 4 and I didn’t believe him.  Within 6 months of following Chris’s instructions and nutritional advice I had lost over 20 pounds and wore a size 4. 

During my training sessions Chris would counsel me on nutrition: smart carbs, portion control, and tabulating protein grams and carb grams.  He suggested that I eat the way toddlers eat ~ small portions, like fuel, that will get me from point A to point B in my day.  He asked “When do we go from eating small meals all day to eating 3 large meals each day?”  He maintains that eating small meals will give my body time to burn calories with less chance to store excess calories.  He was right. 

When my husband, Tony, saw my results he joined the work-out sessions.  Since I had already adjusted meal preparation at our house, Tony merely needed to follow Chris’s instructions during our training sessions three times each week. Chris told us what cardio exercises to do outside of his work-outs.   Within a few weeks, Tony noticed his muscles were more defined and his work-outs were more productive.  We attribute all of this progress to Chris’s talents as a trainer.  We were both amazed that slight changes in how we worked a muscle group could produce more defined results than we were able to achieve after years exercising on our own.  Tony & I have been together for over 30 years ~ since we were teenagers ~ and we can honestly say neither of us has looked or felt better in our lives.