"A mere few years ago, if you looked up “unhealthy” in the dictionary, my picture was probably there. My entire life I have been overweight. I never worked out, I hated sports and avoided them at all costs. I would eat whatever and whenever I wanted, and as I got older it just got worse. I began to smoke about a pack of cigarettes a day, and went out drinking every night. I was a 260 pound epitome of unhealthy.

During one doctor visit, I was told that I was boarder line diabetic, and was essentially killing myself due to so much weight being on a small 5’4 frame. It was the wakeup call I needed, and it started a series of events which completely changed my life.

Along with learning how to eat from Weight Watchers, and quitting smoking, I knew there was something I needed to do to become more active. I started a membership at gym but knew I wanted to do a more personalized group program with a trainer. The guy who signed me up suggested Bootcamp, and introduced me to Chris Gonzalez, who was super nice and easy going, so I signed up right away. Little did I know I had no idea what I got myself into.

Bootcamp was super difficult, and I wanted to quit right after the first session and run away screaming. If it hadn’t been for Chris, and his support, and genuine care for his clients - I would’ve probably never set foot in a gym again. Chris pushes you to your limit, but also knows what you are capable of and adjusts the workouts appropriately. I went from not knowing how to jump rope or what a squat was, to being a bootcamp ‘regular’. I work out up to four times a week with Chris, and other bootcampers who are in amazing shape - and it feels so good knowing that I can somewhat keep up with them and continue to push myself and see results.

Chris’s support and knowledge has helped give me self confidence to keep pushing myself and improving myself. I’ve been able to run, lift, and reach fitness goals I never even dreamed of being able to accomplish. I’m also passed the half way mark on my total weight loss goal of 120lbs.

I’m so grateful for everything that I’ve learned from Chris through this life change journey, and I continue to work on my body transformation thanks to his amazing training. I work hard, and know that with each work out I do, I’m one step closer to being
Truly Fit. "